Add old wakanda server side javascript

Add server side javascript processes that can be initialized with node, the old wakanda server javascript and the 4D/wakanda connector.

Then it would be possible to use javascript on the the server enabling tons of libraries.


  • launch external process (already possible)

  • launch node in this process (already possible or do this automatically)

  • allow to install the wakanda server libraries for the 4D datasources in node (or do this automatically)

  • provide the 4D/wakanda dataconnector

Just an idea for what to do on short winter days.

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On the server side I would rather go with the wasi (wasm) runtime, then it would be possible to write the code for the app server and later for the client with one syntax. (Qodly Script or maybe simply “Q” lang).

Because of Node.js dependencies hell I think it would be better to implement a module/project system for Qodly Script.