Custom javascript and pricing for use via REST

Nice to see wakanda reloaded, except no javascript for the server and WAF on the client replaced by a custom renderer.

Will it be possible or is it already possible to use custom javascript on the client?

Using qodly for frontend might be useful for me to show something really fast, however:

Please explain in your pricing model how using the backend via REST form a page that is not handled by Qodly is billed:

  • using Qodly sessions
  • not using sessions for simple static web page
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Happy to see you happy.

At this moment you cannot use customer javacript on the client. We are preparing features around this topic bur we’ll communicate on this at a later moment.

Pricing model is named user based. More details will come when the time is right.


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before we spend tens, or perhaps hundreds of hours playing with the product, and building sample projects, pricing would be good to know.

I agree. Without knowing the billing model and details can not justify spending time to evaluate.

Add client side javascript. Can not imagine an application without some custom javascript, even simple ones.
Without client side javascript, only use case for frontend is rapid prototyping to show something fast. However the backend server via REST is interesting because easy to admister.

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Hello gentlemen,

Stay tuned: Pricing | Qodly
“Our Pricing Plans will be published soon!”


i’m going to continue playing with it. i just happen to have a new project that would be perfect for this. i always seem to have some new project that could be perfect for something i’m playing with. i’m hopeful they will get the pricing right.

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