Datasources (Where do we find the "Inspect option" icon?)

Where: Documentation → Webforms → Creating a datasourceKeeping track of your datasources

A snapshot of the documentation follows. Note the Inspect option paragraph.

Using the sandbox Weather Forecast demo, I select a form using data sources: home (#1.)

I’ve also opened the Data Sources panel (#2) and expanded This Webform (#3.)

What I see follows.


  1. Where is the Inspect option icon?

  2. How do I summon the Inspect option?

Hey Jeremy

  1. Where is the Inspect option icon?

You can find it here next to step 2

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 08.53.01

When hovering over one of those icons (to the right of Data Sources), displaying a tooltip naming that icon would be very helpful.

So, for the Inspector icon you circled in yellow, I’d like to see a tooltip that briefly reads something like "Inspector highlighting — for the current web form."

Hey Jeremy

thank you for your remark. i will create a feature request for “displaying a tooltip when you hover icons (Data Sources)”.