I want to see the data source property of Text compornet

I have one question

Place the Text compornet in the webform and bind the datasource
Then the question is how to check the bound datasource
Do I need to do the same thing again
As a request, if i click TextComponet,
I would like to see the datasource item displayed in Data access.
This is useful when you want to check the settings of multiple textcompornets created in succession.

Next, the data source item is the first important of the properties on the right.
It is easy to find if it is placed at the top.

Is there any other reason why this feature is not available now?

Hello Caos,

Thanks for your feedback, the only available solution is to do a double click on the text and see the datasource which is binding to that text.

I will move this topic to Ideas.

Best regards.

Thank you for your response

I felt that it would be easier to see if it was unified in the same way as the method of checking Text input