Errors trying to edit an app

I created a new app from the “Matrix” template, which took me to this page

I clicked on the “magenta-rap” name hyperlink to see what was in there.

From there I clicked the “Studio” button which took me here

No way back, so clicked the “Get Started” button, which took me to here.

The “New App” button is disabled. Clicking the “Studio” button from here takes me to the 404 page also.

I also tried going back to the Overview page and clicking Refresh then Studio, but still got a 404.

Any help is appreciated.

Dear Peter,

Thank you for trying our new platform and for your feedback.

Your issue is due to the fact that the studio was not yet available. Our team was notified and is currently working on resolving this issue so you can have the best user experience.

For the meantime you should be able to access to the studio by waiting for a few seconds and clicking on the studio button again.

We will keep you updated as soon as this issue is fixed.

Best regards,

OK, thanks. I can now get into the App and have run thru the tour.

However, I can’t see how to create a new App in the sandbox to try out the other tour templates. The “New Application” button is disabled

Hi Peter,

Creating apps will be possible later on. At this stage of the beta, you only get a sandbox. If you want to play with another demo (app template), you can safely delete your sandbox and create a new one. Then you can select another demo.

Gotcha. Thanks Mathieu

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