Generic dialogs/api for dialogs

instead of having dialogs tied to webforms, i would like to be able to have more generic dialogs, that can be used across multiple webforms. it would also be helpful if there were some standard dialogs that could just be called via the api.

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Hi Mikey,

Have you considered using a webform loader for this?
Indeed: you can design a generic dialog content in a dedicated webform.
And just have a dialog component loading it in a webform loader.
As webform loader can load a webform based on a datasource value, you can easily decide which webform to load in it before opening the dialog.

Here is an example:

Apr-22-2024 09-49-59

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yes, that’s what i was doing. but since you guys said dialogs were coming, and they’d be better than doing overlays and loaders, i’m commenting on the dialogs feature.