From 4D locally to the Qodly Cloud via the API is

We are currently preparing it as a concrete project
The demonstration of searching, registering, and deleting records from 4D locally to the Qodly Cloud via the API is
Is there one?

For example, you want to use it to update your membership or schedule

I found this article, is this good

If this problem is solved, a lot will be possible

I xpect an early announcement from Qodly

Hello Caos!

Your use case will be planned! I’ll move it to the ideas section.

Hi Caos, as per the blog article, a Qodly app is able to reach a 4D Server by calling the openDatastore command.

The opposite will very soon be possible. A 4D Server app will be able to reach a Qodly app by using the same command. And even more is coming along the way at the same time.

I think there are many users who want to make requests from the local 4D to the Qodly cloud using the API
I also think that there are few barriers to the network path