Uploaded files without extensions don't display

i was trying to upload a file to qs to the shared folder. said file did not have an extension myApp-params. i did not receive an error during the upload, but it also did not appear in the list of files. once i added a suffix to it myApp-params.json it appeared in the list.

Hey Mikey,

are you talking about this section ?


you did try the upload button but it’s not working for the files with missing extension ?

i was trying to upload the file, but it did not show in the shared list. once i added the extension, it worked.

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i just did a download of all my files. it seems that the file that did not have an extension was renamed after it was uploaded - the filename became an extension - so it went from qbo-params on my machine to .qbo-params once it was uploaded - at least, that’s what the name of the file was, once i re-downloaded it.

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