About connected to IoT devices

I have one question

Isn’t it expected that IoT devices will be connected from the web form of Qodly cloud in the future?

Qodly is not positioned to disrupt every web technology on the market. Rather, it has a very specific business proposal - to replace traditional client server on-premise business applications. See About us | Qodly by 4D | Low Code Platform for creating Apps

In terms of technology, practically every ORDA feature from 4D is ported to Qodly. Every non-ORDA feature from 4D, such as plugins, printing, PHP will never be available in Qodly Cloud. So the technical capability of Qodly is the same as 4D minus everything that is not ORDA.

If you already control IoT peripherals using the HTTPRequest class in 4D, you can port that code to Qodly. If you depend on SystemWorker and some helper app available on Linux, you might have a chance. Otherwise, what is not possible in the new 4D language is not possible in Qodly either.

Thanks for your response

I now know the extent to which Qodly will evolve in the future.


Which ORDA features are not ported to Qodly?