B3 open model, immediately flagged dirty

  1. in b3, close all tabs that were previously open
  2. open the model
    notice that the purple dot is visible. close the tab. i get the message that i am going to lose unsaved changes - but i have not made any changes, because i just opened the model.

Hello Mikey!

Did you get that dot when you first opened the model, or when you saved it and reopened it again?

when i opened it
then, i saved it and reopened it, and it still happens.
what’s wild is that i didn’t make any changes. at least in b2, if i resized the view, that would trigger the dirty, too.

same thing just happened with a web form. i had no tabs open in qs. i opened a webform and it immediately also flagged as dirty.
i wonder if there are some leftover local updates that didn’t get saved?

Hello Mikey,

It is a known issue, sometimes the components update the content of the editor once they are loaded for several reasons:

  • Recompute some attributes on parent container size change (the window or any other parent)
  • To make sure we apply the right default values
  • To apply newly added properties in the case of old webforms

We are working very hard to reduce the number of cases we apply the dirty state on the editors.