Binding the content of a component

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I have one question

When binding the content of a component to a data source
The text must be flipped

However, even if the range to be reversed is part or all
Everything will be replaced
the reason for this is unknown

When any part of the text is selected,
All icons such as bindings and styles are
I would like to request that it be enabled

Hello Caos!

Actually, you can use the quick shortcut and just drag and drop your datasource directly in your canvas, else if you want to bind it like that, you can select the text/word you want to bind, and do it, and thus that word style will be changed in that same text component.


If you bind your phrase with one datasource and reverse the order, the binding will be preserved, and you can re-do the bindings according to what you want to get.

Thank you for your response

Drag and drop is easier and more accurate, isn’t it?

When flipping text, some flips also cause the binding to be

The parts that are not flipped can be left as static text.
I mistakenly thought it included a feature

I was worried

4D has similar features
That may be the reason for my misunderstanding