How to use Hard coded value

I have one question

If you use a large number of hard coded values, is there a way to change and manage them all at once?

Also, how can it be used compared to a data source?

what are you trying to do, caos?

For example, tax rates
If it is the default value of Qodly application, we recognize that it is desirable to place it in the data class

Other storage locations include:
For example, if it is within the scope of the developer’s control, there are methods and classes

If the hard coded value can’t be changed in bulk,
I think the use will be limited

I thought that using hard coded values too easily would cause problems during major updates and migrations

I imagined that it would be a problem if the control was restricted, as in the way of list editing in Design mode in 4D

why are you hard-coding these values, instead of storing them in a shared file or a dataclass?

We decided that it was recommended to store all user data in the data class

I would like to know if there is any advantage of Hard coded value over data class

For example, stability, accuracy, etc.


The use of hardcoded values ensures compatibility with the parameter type you chose from that list for precise results.
These values can be used to manage a component’s css properties, after setting the server side reference of this latter. They can also be used to execute several actions on the initial state of a variable …