Instances of an app

there isn’t any mention, so far, about creating instances of an app. that would allow each customer to have their own instance, and avoid comingling data

Not sure it answers exactly your question:

  • Currently you can only create 1 sandbox, play with it, delete it, create another sandbox with another demo. This limitation is only for the beta phase: for us to collect developers feedback on Qodly before going further.
  • In a near future, we will unlock the possibility to create applications. And once you’re happy with a given application, a clone feature allows you to duplicate it for another customer.
    Those features are disabled until we get enough feedback from coders like you!

But we can demo them to you during a call.

Hope this helps!

i get that we’re in beta.
so, when we go to production, we would clone the project for each customer. hopefully that won’t make for a lot of extra expense.
since this is so new, please also think about:
a) a method for generating those clones
b) a method for updating those clones

i also understand that we could do this, ourselves, with 4d server (but, since we’re still so early, things are going to change)