Licensing Question (Demo Mode?)

Is there a demo mode? I’d like to check things out before buying a license.

you could also use qodly inside of 4d, if you like, but, if you want to use the web-based version (which is what i’m doing), at least for now, there is a demo mode, and to date, it has not had any restrictions placed on it, including how long you can use it (to date, there isn’t even a license to pay for).
it’s a sandbox, but it’s your sandbox.
what i did was grab/build one of the demos (i used the weather demo), messed with it until i wanted to try something that’s my own, and then i just started adding separately to the same demo project. i could just dump the demo pieces, but i’m still messing with them, and improving on the demo has made it more useful to me, anyway.
have at it, and ask questions. we were all beginners, six months ago. we’re probably all still beginners.