Less crippled version

this is feeling a lot like 4d first, that thing from the 90’s that was supposed to be a low-code, inexpensive introduction to 4d. i like the idea of qodly cloud: hosted/linux-based. the browser-based dev doesn’t suck (which was a pleasant surprise), but it feels like i’m trying to ride to work on a bike with training wheels. hopefully that is mostly a lack of understanding/docs.

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I also used 4DFirst with a reduced number of commands

However, for developers new to 4D, reducing the number of commands did not help them become proficient.
Of course, I thought that the low price had some effect.

Learning the basics of 4D and 4D First was more difficult
This is because the mechanics of 4D at that time were novel and original.

I would be happy to have more tutorials, demos, sample code, and documentation to understand the basic mechanics in small units.

In particular, I would be happy if there were many explanatory comments to understand the basic mechanism.
(For non-English language users)
This opinion is based on the evolution of Filemaker.

Once i understand how it works in small units, then it’s just a combination, so I think it’s quick for me to learn.

In another sense, I think it will lead to a lot of user expansion.

Although this is a personal opinion

For this reason, I would like to ask the forum about the basics of Qodly

i have been thinking about this, some more, over the last couple of days, as i am determined to push qodly and try to:

  • make the weather app into something i would share with friends and family (and they would choose to use)
  • build a prototype of a couple of financial services products that i have been thinking about for a while

i am spending more time in qodly, with those specific goals in mind - i.e. i’m trying to actually do stuff with it, not just mess with it. i get that it’s still early, maybe even very early.
SO: i think y’all should consider the target audience, and what they are bringing to the table in terms of skills and expectations.

  • the layout controls seem to be targeting users who are familiar with css. are we going for folks who know how to build web pages, and know css? what tools are we trying to steer them away from, in order to use qodly? are we just going for folks who can build a web page, but don’t write JS/don’t know react/bootstrap?
  • the coding paradigm (and the docs) are written for someone who knows ORDA, but is not so advanced as to demand cs classes, or browser-side processing. ask the same question: what product are they going to forego in order to use qodly?

i really hope this can become a real thing, and it isn’t priced the way a certain dev mobile product was priced, because if it is, there is no way this is going to fly.