What is the purpose of a text editor for a Web form

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What is the purpose of a text editor for a Web form?

Where do you write how to use it?

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The text editor will allow you to view the content of your webform in json format. That code encapsulates the whole strucuture of your webform’s layout, data bindings, and related events.

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Fadwa is right. A webform is a json file, the text editor allows you to actually see what’s inside. Documentation will soon receive an update about this.
It can have various usage, but you should not modify anything in the json file unless you know what you are doing.
An obvious usage is troubleshooting. But viewing the json file in plain text is also interesting if you need to edit a webform in another editor (for mass text replace) and copy it back to the editor.

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A new section in the documentation, titled Webform JSON Representation, has been introduced to assist users in navigating the purpose and structure of the JSON representation for webforms in Qodly Studio. This section encompasses guidance on accessing, comprehending, and modifying the JSON, featuring an illustrative example.

It emphasizes the significance of careful editing and comprehensive validation.

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